V.E. Day

Friday 8th May 2020 until Friday 8th May 2020

Our afternoon tea party commemorating the 75th anniversary of V.E. Day

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About Abbeyfield
Cove House

Right from the moment Mum moved into Cove House, I've had complete confidence in the home's provision for her safety and wellbeing. I feel lucky that we found Cove House when living alone independently ceased to be viable for Mum. We looked at over twenty other residential care homes and Cove House was the stand-out best.

Julie Bootland

Daughter of Resident

Caring staff, good food, feels safe!


Daughter of Resident

As a resident of Cove House I know what it means to care. It's not just the usual carers tasks which they do cheerfully, but the many thoughtful extras they intuit I need. I will never forget the day I was having a really rough time and the carer spontaneously put her arms around me in comforting hug. I could add the small acts of kindness like shopping for vegan pate and feeding the birds and watering my plants and bringing me gingerbread cookies. Special thanks to the cooks who cater magnificently. I have never felt so cared for in my life